All American Powder Coating & Sandblasting
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What is Powder Coating ?

Powder coating is a method of applying powder with electrostatic equipment and bonding it to the part during a high heat baking process. Aside from its attractive, sleek finish, powder coating is extremely durable, scratch, chemical and UV resistant.

Powders are available in many textures, gloss levels, and hundreds of colors. All American Powder Coating uses only top quality epoxy, hybrid, urethane and polyester coatings.

We also offer ceramic and high heat coatings that will not discolor or burn off at extreme heat. 

Our vibratory polishing equipment ensures consistent, high polish over the entire surface of your part.

Our standard turn around time is 3-5 days for most applications, and pick up / delivery is available for up to 10,000 lbs. 

All American Powder Coating & Sandblasting 1213 E, Bearss Ave Lutz, Fl 33549